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Professional Lay Betting System

You may have heard gamblers claiming to make serious money backing horses to lose. This is called laying. Before online betting exchanges like Betfair this wasn't possible. Walk into a high street bookie and try to lay a horse and see what response you get!

If the bookies hate it you know there must be something to it. Whatever whisper you've heard is probably right, but the few in the know like to keep it that way. So where to begin?

My name is Stephen Evans. I'm 41, a Chartered Accountant, Company Director and A-Level Statistician. I'm also a professional gambler; one of the elite 3% of UK gamblers to consistently make money. I do this by laying false favourites on Betfair. I achieve a near 80% strike rate at very low risk, backed by a professional staking plan. I achieve a regular daily second income, tax free, all year round. I've had two losing days in three months. I haven't had a losing week ever - let alone a losing month.

I've written down everything you need to make money lay betting in a system that is simple to learn, precise to apply and quick to operate. It is clear, relatively simple and unambiguous - just the facts with no hype or padding. You'll need a laptop, internet connection and a Betfair account. But most of all you'll need discipline.

This is no get rich quick scheme - my system will provide a steady accumulation, not 50-1 winners. The aim is to provide a regular second income; no more and no less. If you purchase my system you will see that I advise you to start with a modest betting bank. When you're comfortable with the risk and reward ratio you can gear up - I show you exactly how. It's a professional system for professional people - if you're looking for pictures of yachts and ferraris look elsewhere.

"The final tally stands at 168 winning lays from 223 bets, giving a success rate of 75.3%... Using the staking plan you’d have now made £1,915.47 from the original £1,000 betting bank. A great return from 6 weeks betting..." independent six-week trial of my system

Picking winners is a mug's game!

Or to put it simply, which is easier: Picking the one winner in a 12-horse race or any one of the eleven losers?

I have been gambling on horse racing (and other sports) since University. I joined a syndicate as soon as I could afford to. We bought, shared and proofed systems, tinkered with them, won a few quid, lost a few quid. We got excited about one system or another for a while, got greedy or lazy or boastful and then lost money. If you're reading this you're probably no different.

"14 losers from my last 17 bets - I am impressed" - MH Reading

I still do pick a few winners. I concentrate on the flat in the summer when the form's solid and the ground firm and I'm not bad. I just know I couldn't make a serious, regular, year-round second income by finding enough of them, preferably without the losers in between! To be honest I still think one day I might crack it. In the meantime I've got a mortgage to pay and family to support.

"Very easy to understand, clear and simple to make selections... You know your stuff" - DB Staffs

When I discovered Betfair I knew straight away what all the fuss was about. Why take on the bookies when you can become one? Then I delved deeper into laying - betting horses to lose. And I started to unlearn everything I had learned about betting to win in horse racing. Instead of looking for winners - reliable types, favourable races, small fields, quality jockeys and trainers, form, fitness, improvers, lenient handicaps, class droppers, etc., I started searching out just the opposite. Believe me there are rich pickings every day.

"At one point I had 13 losers on the trot. Wow!" - RT Worcester

The results were incredible. I made money almost from day one. If Betfair had been around 15 years ago I honestly think I would be retired by now. The years and money I've wasted trying to pick winners!

"Count me very very pleased with the system" - KH E Sussex

The selections are important of course and my system gives these, quickly and precisely, either in the morning of the race or the night before. Set aside half an hour - a little more on a Saturday. The odds are important - plenty of horses lose every day of course but finding them at short odds... that's the trick. But what's really important is the staking plan. Even a system with an 80% strike rate bet to level stakes can yield losing days when you're laying. And that's what I had to avoid if I wanted a second income. I needed a regular salary, not an occasional bonus. Running even the best system without a proper staking plan is like running a Ducati on two-stroke!

"Really appreciate your members' e-mail updates... It seems you know what I'm about to ask before I ask it!" - TB West Yorkshire

Over the last three years I've drawn up my system into a set of rules. I never deviate from these - I never need to. I know now what works and what to look out for. I stopped tinkering with it about a year ago and started earning money. Used in conjunction with my staking plan I absolutely guarantee the results - you will think them phenomenal - I still do, every day. The buzz you get from taking on an odds-on favourite and almost knowing it will get knocked over!

"Thanks for taking the time to answer my e-mail personally" - PH Spalding

This isn't inside information but pure statistical analysis. I care more about the type of race, less about the horse. Of the races run on any given day I reckon about one third of those will have a false favourite - really they don't deserve a favourite at all. No wonder the bookies make so much money. Re-run the race five times and you'd probably get at least four different results. Identify those races and that's the time to move from betting to laying.

Take a look at what you can expect to achieve on my results page.